Thursday, July 9, 2009

shitfucker on a stick

We were hoping to have our first album Hypothesis up for free download by now...mentioned it in Inpress because we were sooooooo excciiiittteeedddd! But unfortunately it's fallen through...we've still gotta put one last day in the studio to get the cd as good as funds will allow, then it's gotta be it's a little way off yet.

New gig at here 18th July, Noise Bar. Pitow!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

brainbook pamphlet #00002


Achetypes, if you can find a wall you can break it down. The trick is finding the box that confines you, and looking at it from the outside.

How to make something interesting? You keep trying to cater to yourself. The most interesting things are interesting regardless of if there's anyone there to see it.

i spasm while trying to reconcile what happens inside with what happens out there.

"don't blame her, she does not what she knows"

i'm gonna put anthrax in the water supply, life will go on without us, the most interesting things are interesting even when noone sees them. Shit on a goat and call it pappy. Everyone likes magic, because everyone likes to be fooled. Rupert Murdoch as Houdini while we drown in the locked tank. I always try to piss when I come.

it comes in waves. Let the kid have a magazine or *something*.

Spacesuits, break the world into fractals. Song like like writing a like inventing the idea of music. Broken tweed, disintegrate dis ii n t e gg r aa tzzzqqqqq3456||||||||

The cell doesn't choose to be wiped out by antibiotics, the neurons guide the hand that blows the brain to atoms. Nations kill their people like an aids affliected immune system kills itself. Every interaction comes back to dom and sub. Misanthropy pulls the skin taut between my hand and feet, the uncaring wind throws a body into the stratosphere again and over again. This isn't even the half of it, a speck of black in what would otherwise be a pure white teardrop. The world spins on in all its glorious glory.

i can't deny that life isn't the most wonderful thing to live through.

i also can't deny that only a pretentious cocksucker would write this masturbatory bullshit. Aw heck!