Monday, March 29, 2010

you'll keep

don't even know hwat's going on

this screen in my head, everthing pressed back into fragments of 2d, so hard to tell what is and isn't me anymore. The shape of my limbs looks foreign, spiders crawling across the shifting geometry of the keyboard. It's very easy to forget that someone spent their time deciding the shapes of the letters of the alphabet, that someone had to spend long hours convincing others that *this here* is the way characters should appear.

The entire world fits snugly inside your skull. As far as you can see into the distance, know that the inside of your face is just beyond the horizon. The ultra-mega-hyper-reality-vision within a calcium wall, it's easy to confuse the film with the World Out There. Our eyesite so feeble compared to what it could be, so much radiation imperceptible.

I convinced myself that I was a triangle for an hour last night. On coming to I saw a bone coloured cat dart across my room and vanish. Straight out of fiction, and yet i *knew* the cat, like in a dream, the declarative knowledge comes so suddenly it could be innate. I know that cat.

I swear i'm not wigging out yet...there's so much of the world to see, and one life is so short. I don't want to waste it. There's 17000000000 seconds in a lifetime, and i don't want to waste even one. Wigging out is not my style, such a waste, so much you'd miss out on - having kids, retirement, making those goddamn string-theorists eat their hats when i publish my universal theory of everything. COP THAT FUCKING STRING THEORISTS I'LL FUCKING SHOW YOU! STRING?! BAH I SAY!!!

and again, if you're enjoying yourself, why stop?

Example 1

Example 2

p.s. i still can't figure out how, when they released vista, they managed to fuck up *notepad*. But it's buggy as shit, and consistently ruins my life! Whaaaaa?!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

brainbook bebebebeb


We are so far removed from reality that the entirity of human endeavor has still not given us more than a blurred glimpse at what we're made of.

it's a great big wild world

i got 1 so now to make 0 on a higher level. It's the metaverse flowing outwards and up, jung's archetypes making us run rampant to a backwards big bang. How much reality can YOU handle?
i started somewhere it went for a while and keeps on going. I feel like i've gotten somewhere, but i'm aware that i'm barely aware of anything. How to deal with yourself as timelord?

That'll come later in the album.

It was the ultimate shock to the system - the realisation that the system is not the system it thought it was. Obliterated in the vastness of the universe....douglas adams was a very smart cookie. Coming out of the water, up for air. Do you ever stop to think how radical are the repercussions of some electrons colliding down an axon?! With the blink of tens of nueral pathways, whole worlds are shattered. Creatures die and are given life, inanimate systems move, colours change and air molecules vibrate in a synchronicity that would never have been known otherwise. With five million red blood cells per cubic millimeter, how much of reality this small grey matter controls?!

We can't control our perceptions, evolution decided that for us long before we had a vote. What we do with our perceptions, and what we choose to perceive - that's our legacy, and large and small enough to move or not move mountains. We find ourselves running at higher and higher frequencies, with greater control of what we see...but the aeons old questions still end in insoluble recursion. The preceding sentence is false. X = X squared. It's been a hard day's night, yet i've been spinning like a log graph.

abrahadabra - i will create as i speak. The rock that's so heavy.

There's a new story starting - it begins a level lower than this, and ends a level higher. It's our new album, and we hope you enjoy it a lot. I'm very excited about it, but then i'm hardly an unbiased observer. In the meanwhile, we have some more shows up, so check them out if you feel like it.