Sunday, January 3, 2010

first filmclip!

HUZZAH we've just managed to finish the filmclip for A Beginner's Guide to Self Destruction, off our Hypothesis album. WOW FUCKIN WEE! It has given us an amazing insight into just how painful video editing tools are, and how surprisingly easy it is to con our friends into making fools of themselves on camera. And noted with some dismay at how little convincing it takes certain people to light certain other peoples' heads on fire.

Unfortunately we also have very sad news, in that our lovely guitarist, seen so joyously attacking himself and the floor in the above clip, has decided to head off to England to live. Sad day! However if anyone out there thinks they can compete with his manic, arhythmic flailings and excellent guitar skillz, feel free to buzz us on 0405602375. Zap!