Sunday, September 19, 2010

the possibility of contagious schitzophrenia

automatic reaction to stimuli.

there's a suprisingly narrow spectrum of behaviour elicited from a given interaction. Shiva + Brahma - the All Powerful I destroys and creates the universe with every....

Of course i don't know what you're talking about. Your sentence is archaic. We are aeons apart, i've destroyed so many googols of Gods since your utterance. Get with the times!

Any reaction outside this narrow expected spectrum is deemed the result of lunacy. The individual is taking too much liberty with their experience. Unmutual! Rebellious! Discordant! Xenophobia towards those that live lightyears away. (i'm not racist, but)

this is our lunacy, and we'd like to share it with you.

i can no sooner stop than spontaneously combust.

there are at least two entities after your brain, and you are both of them. They have very different nefarious plans for you and don't really get along. There's a third that doesn't give a flying shit about the first two, and wants you to explode in a mess of flesh and crystals and you are that one too.

we'll be discussing these three in more detail in about a year.

the nature of this madness is that it is self replicating.

There are many different causes of insanity. Physical brain injury can massively and subtley affect perception & personality in wildly unpredictable ways. Chemical imbalances have been linked to many forms of mental dysfunction, such as psychosis and neurosis, and are the basis of most modern psychological treatment. Transcranial magnetic stimulation of different parts of the brain have induced out of body experiences, and the perceptions of UFOs and 'ghosts' by the subjects. Lunacy can be cultural, or learnt personally, and as such is an integral emergent feature of Concensus Reality.

The madness we cultivate is slightly different.

It's a common misconception that logical analysis of an irrational belief is one of the best methods to ensure one is behaving sanely. This conveniently neglects the fact that *sufficiently deep* logical analysis of *anything* will *always* undermine *all* beliefs, including the belief in logic, and the belief in beliefs. (socrates can cut the world to ribbons...)

Several studies have demonstrated a strong correlation between depression, and super-logical thinking. Depressives are more rational, and more realistic in their perception of the world, than normal people.

they're doing it wrong.

we are attempting to provide a framework one can use to categorise one's internal and external experiences. The categorisation allows a certain type of analysis. This analysis increases the likelihood of certain memes spontaneously forming in one's head. These memes seem so important to the afflicted human, that they are compelled to go to great lengths to spread the meme as far as possible around the world.

i can no stop than spontaneously combust.

Damn you fucking shitfiends, no respect, not one jot, not one iota, don't you listen to me! BUY ME A HAMBURGER DON'T YOU KNOWWWWWWHHHOOOOOOIIIIIIIII

also - we've got a show tonight @ central club on swan st, richmond. Late notice, but pshaw.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

filmon clippen

y0y0y0 couple of shows coming up soon. Aside from that the only real EXCITEMENT is that we're doing filming for our upcoming filmclip this weekend, and are looking for volunteers to appear in it. In exchange we'll feed you beer and bbq. WHAT A FUCKING DEAL!!! Maybe! The address is 36 Phoenix Street, Brunswick. If you feel like coming, please do! Starts at 4pm, and should only run for a couple of hours.