Tuesday, October 6, 2009

start again.

episcopizzalian ridiculous ridiculous you could ridicule someone for that you know, just don't let it be you first, never let it be you first, something will happen, the world will explode, you've gotta watch out it'll come for you when you least expect it, they're everywhere, hiding in the airbrushes waiting to come out of the closet and snatch you away again and again and then you'll never get back again.

i used to wonder about the phrase 'you can never go home again' and think it was just a bit dicky. But lately i've been thinking it a lot - i don't think that means anything but it might not.

the worst thing anyone can do is make art that their parents appreciate, i think. I'm sure neitchze would agree, although maybe after his failed affair with wagner he got so bitter he changed his mind (neitchze bitter?! White != black?!)

maps, territories...i got trapped in a vortex the other night thinking about such things. I wanted to know what anything is at its most fundamental, but in order to know something is something, you need to compare it to something you know, which just makes my brain hurt to think about. There was also an interesting article today where they asked in 150 words or less what some of the most well known modern psychologists and nueroscientists fretted about not knowing about themselves. I found it a little disappointing that despite the ludicrous and exciting advances in science and philosophy in the previous several centuries, that most of the answers were things that people have grappled with from at least 300BC (as far as i've read, i'm sure neanderthals also wondered about the point of it all).

cut cut cut everyone finds their own variety of masochism (if all are one all sex is masturbation, if all are one all violence is masochism) gentrify the meaningless put puns in your porrige and let's have a good, fair game, fellas.

brain like a heartbeat, open, close, relax, push pump force forward more moremore go. Need to find the plywood in my knuckles for the next communication...but how reliable are memories anyway? The angry philosopher in the temple of mirrors, glaring at himself with the most furious impotence. It shifts up and back.

i'm trying to paint pictures of photons by showing where they *aren't*. I'm a dreadful artist so i can only be sure that it's not really what it's supposed to be.

the reason buddhists can be so serene is because they're so violent. Buddha is easily the most evil person i've heard about - he destroyed everything that exists, everthing that doesn't, didn't consider his work complete until he'd totally destroyed himself. Then had the gaul to suggest that there are better Ways than his, if only you can find new things to destroy. Crowley at least created things *some* of the time! if the shadow selves had any idea the lengths we go to persecute them, they'd be well afeared.


FYI this is possibly not sufficiently angsty to be of interest to anyone who might read it.

gobsmacked in the jello moulding shift cycle allusion to something, doesn't quite fit the quackery, when she was born they broke the molten fire pit, drop in the ocean, piss in the handbag and call it ridiculous.

it always starts with something incomprehensible, need the right filters to bring it back, to make the chaos look like something approaching pattern. I turn atoms into plaid, buddha was a redneck...certainly a weapon of mass destruction. In one way the most evil person i'm aware of...destroyed absolutely everything and only considered his work complete when he had destroyed himself, but continued to preach that there were better ways then his, if only people could find new things to destroy! Crowley at least spent some time creating! The shadow selves would be afeared if they realised the lengths we go to just to persecute them.

i went for a walk and it was lovely. i don't know exactly how i filtered the barrage of photons and air molecules that assaulted the organs that converted them into electrochemical reactions in my nervous system, but however i did it, it was pretty swell. Shall have to do it again.

need to get around to ordering 'i am a strange loop' by hofstadter...must not forget again...

I left a pile of shit on my neighbour's front doorstep. He caught me running off, and yelled out "Very clever...you realise i've got two dogs and know how to handle dog shit". As he picked it up with a plastic bag over his hand, i told him it was mine. He yelped, flailed, the man-chorizo flying straight towards a passerby. I don't think there's a lesson in this anywhere, it's just a bit dumb.

A lot of people argue that there's no such thing as a real fractal. The argument seems to hinge on the assumption that there is a fundamental particle that everything is made out of. So, for instance, if you line up two mirrors facing each other, it might *look* like an infinite corridor of smaller and smaller mirrors going off into eternity, but *actually* it only goes until you get to a 'mirror' the size of a photon, at which point the photons coming back and forth between the two mirrors interfere, and so you don't get any smaller mirrors anymore (just, presumably, a photon sized blank patch). Actually that's a bad example because it makes sense, and i was trying to disagree with that viewpoint. Shit!

I was wanting to think of a different example of a fractal in nature which could go smaller than the size of a photon, but unfortunately can't at the moment, which means i'll have to sadly concede that there mightn't be such thing as a real fractal. Which is exactly the opposite of what i wanted to argue here, but stiff shit evidently! I do still like to think that there's no such thing as a fundamental particle, that the universe just keeps getting smaller and smaller forever, although apparently that's impossible because "all the energy would get sucked out the bottom" and you'd end up with a universe entirely devoid of anything. I don't really understand this argument, which is why i don't agree with it at the moment.

water bears are more fun. They are incredibly cute, despite being microscopic. I like to think that they float around in my drinking water looking for honey and getting into adventures, stoicly attacking microscopic humans whenever the humans encroach on the bears' territory (possibly with microscopic logging activities to build microscopic furniture for the microscopic cubicles they work in).

Just thinking about it makes me thirsty.

UPDATE: Since originally writing this post I've found proof (to my own satisfaction) that any "fundamental" particle is physically impossible. However, as most people I've been speaking with over the last year would consider this mind-numbingly self-evident, I shan't bother!

Suffice it to say that it's sometimes hard to feel impressive when you're impressed by the people around you. BUT, it's easy to feel competitive >=D

Saturday, September 26, 2009

cd finally finished

**finally** we've finished that ridiculous fucking album. It's available for free download @ www.dropbunny.com/songs.html if anyone's interested.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Here's a couple of videos courtesy of Martmart's mother. What a sweetheart! Capturing her son and friends' pubescent rage, inflicting themselves upon the melbourne pub scene. It's nice to have supportive parents.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

shitfucker on a stick

We were hoping to have our first album Hypothesis up for free download by now...mentioned it in Inpress because we were sooooooo excciiiittteeedddd! But unfortunately it's fallen through...we've still gotta put one last day in the studio to get the cd as good as funds will allow, then it's gotta be mastered....so it's a little way off yet.

New gig at here 18th July, Noise Bar. Pitow!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

brainbook pamphlet #00002


Achetypes, if you can find a wall you can break it down. The trick is finding the box that confines you, and looking at it from the outside.

How to make something interesting? You keep trying to cater to yourself. The most interesting things are interesting regardless of if there's anyone there to see it.

i spasm while trying to reconcile what happens inside with what happens out there.

"don't blame her, she does not what she knows"

i'm gonna put anthrax in the water supply, life will go on without us, the most interesting things are interesting even when noone sees them. Shit on a goat and call it pappy. Everyone likes magic, because everyone likes to be fooled. Rupert Murdoch as Houdini while we drown in the locked tank. I always try to piss when I come.

it comes in waves. Let the kid have a magazine or *something*.

Spacesuits, break the world into fractals. Song like rehearsal....song like writing a song....song like inventing the idea of music. Broken tweed, disintegrate dis ii n t e gg r aa tzzzqqqqq3456||||||||

The cell doesn't choose to be wiped out by antibiotics, the neurons guide the hand that blows the brain to atoms. Nations kill their people like an aids affliected immune system kills itself. Every interaction comes back to dom and sub. Misanthropy pulls the skin taut between my hand and feet, the uncaring wind throws a body into the stratosphere again and over again. This isn't even the half of it, a speck of black in what would otherwise be a pure white teardrop. The world spins on in all its glorious glory.

i can't deny that life isn't the most wonderful thing to live through.

i also can't deny that only a pretentious cocksucker would write this masturbatory bullshit. Aw heck!

Monday, June 29, 2009

gig @ arthouse, wed 8th july

er...probably don't need to add much more than the heading @_@ We're playing with An Easier Question and The Plague Black at The Arthouse, 616 Elizabeth St Melbourne. Doors open at 8, $6 entry, yada yada.

you can get exactly this information, but with an added picture of our friend strangling himself on a streamer at www.dropbunny.com/gigs.html


Friday, June 26, 2009

brainbook pamphlet #00001

there is a problem with your face, it's back to front

you should fix it with fire

my voids stare into the eye of cosmo in terror, it happens now and again and i can't drag awa, like something from a bad novel, i keep worrying i'm about to burst into song.

i still haven't woken up, every day it's a dream within a dream within a dream within a...one day, however! I'm still optimistic that there's a roof on the universe, i know there's not but i keep

looking anyway.
pretentious asswipe
rambling random permutations
what a load of shite

children grow up to feed their parents, my rage cannot be quantified, cannot be more useless. Everything makes everything else stronger.

we're all painfully familiar with the notion of 'consumerism', the idea that we're bred like battery hens to make money for people with money, society as pyramid scheme, society as cancer, humanity destroying its planet, itself, bad bad bad things of that nature. Yet we don't stop! Noone wants to do bad things, everyone always does what they think is the best thing to do at the time. Why, if everyone is always doing what seems to be the 'right' thing, don't we have a utopia? We pride ourselves that we're no longer so uncivilised as to have religious crusades, but we invade the same countries today with the same doctrine of 'civilising' the area, still demonise the same people because of their religious beliefs (if you're an atheist you're a nut, if you're islamic you're a terrorist). WHYWHYWHYWHYFUKCKINGCOCKSUCKING PIECE OF SHIT FUCKINGWHYWHWYWHWHYWWHLOFSDLNAFNLALNEFARRRRGHGHGHHGHGHG!!

We know we're being lied to but we play along, we know that none of this shit matters but we pretend it does, we dance like marrionettes according to whatever the translucent god Society decides is acceptable, eyes open but unbelieving. None of this is new, you know it, you know you know it, yetttttttt


it was all directly caused by the big bang
the logos

the universe is turtles all the way down, the further you zoom in on anything, the less tangible it gets. There is nothing here. Socrates could slice himself out of existence, he just didn't go far enough. There is nothing here.

Pornstar superman, decaying in the cosmic soup of gingivitis. I know not what i do! but there is an escape, there's always an escape getoutgetougetougetougetougetougetougetougetougetougetougetougetougetougetougetougeotougegtggetougetougteougtougteougteougteougeougetougetougteougteougteougteougteougteougteougteoutgetougteoutgeoutgoteugtougteoguteoguetogttgtgtgggagggatggttctcgtatcgatcgatcgatcgtagctagctgagcgagcgagcgcgcgtctctttctatagcacactacatcatcatcatcatcatcatcatcatcagcggcggatctacgactagctacgtatctatcatctacgtacgtactagctacgtacgtacgtacgtacgatgcatcgatcgtacgtacgtacgtacgatgctagctagctacgtacgtagctacgtacgatcgatcggcggactactactgtacgatcgacgctagcatgcatgcatgctagcatgcatcgatgctgac

Fact of the Day!

Did you know, Pi can be calculated using the following formula:

Pi/4 = 1 - 1/3 + 1/5 - 1/7 + 1/9 - 1/11 + 1/13 - 1/15 + 1/17 - 1/19...etcetc ad infinitum. So basically you add and subtract 1 divided by every odd number up to infinity, then multiply the whole lot by 4, and you have pi. So far we have managed to calculate it to over a trillion digits, but we still don't know *exactly* what the value of pi is, because you need to calculate an infinite number of fractions and chuck em together to find out.

As you remember from school, the circumference of a circle is pi time the circle's diameter. Every round thing is round because of pi, every curve can only be fully figured out by calculating infinite numbers. The humble circle is still so complex that it's physically impossible for us to ever be able to calculate it fully.

The universe is doing this sort of batshit stuff all the time.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New dropbunny website

The all new dropbunny website is up and running. www.dropbunny.com