Monday, April 19, 2010

brainbook 00009

mouse off

"Oh, i'm between jobs at the moment...i've been out of work for a while, still not sure what I want to do. I'm enjoying not having the responsibility of a job, it's just that it gets so *boring* sometimes. I mean, you know what it's like? Nothing to do all day, you were unemployed recently.."

"Ha, yeah, but shit, i don't think i had time get bored! I was still pretty flat out even though i wasn't working." <- me being a bit of a dick

"Nah, but like, J's been out of work *six months*. You weren't out of work that long, but you know, after a while you get sooo bored! There's nothing to do! You go out of weekends, but during the day, there's nothing to do!"

"Are you serious?! I could be out of work for the rest of my life and I'd still never run out of things to do! There's so many books, languages to learn, like i'm still shithouse at violin, there's just so much to do!" <- me, well in my cups, crossing over to pretentious douche.

" don't understand..."


This universe is so fucking big, and one lifetime so tiny. You can pick any field you like - sport, fashion, maths, science, art, theology, cooking, needlework, ANYTHING - and you could spend your entire lifetime learning more details, more intricacies. The reason fields are becoming increasingly specialised is because the wealth of human knowledge is more than anyone can grasp within a lifetime. You might be a master at genetics, but your knowledge of physics will be lacking, you won't know dick about art, maybe have a fleeting understanding of a few sports...thassit.

There are people who can unicycle, build houses, name where the grapes in the wine were grown from one sip, manufacture drugs, design rockets, speak well in public, remember pi to tens of thousand places, compose symphonies, run countries, walk across broken glass, heal the sick, swordfight, find food in the wilderness, photograph new species of fish, develop artificial intelligence, sing well, knit a jumper, blow up a building, stage a revolution, sit in quiet meditation while being doused in petrol and set alight.

"But there's nothing to do!"

There are no boring situations, just boring people. I know i sound like a self-important fuckwit, maybe humility's another skill I need to work on...but a lifetime is so very short! You only get an average of 2.5 billion *seconds* couldn't even meet 1/3rd of the people in the world for one second each. Are you really content to let your *ONE life* dribble away, without getting to know a bit about the space around you?

I'd be a bit disappointed if this surprisingly animate lump of flesh expired without having some idea of what the fuck just happened.

grapplesincircles the face appeared it didn't feel like it came from me this time, but it couldn't, couldn't be that, just getting a bit overexcited. Too many books, you're just too gullible, let it alone, just get on, breathe, keep focused, become one with geometry quiet quiet boom like a space cadet flying at a stone wall boom atoms implosion drifting away, who's thinking this the images flashing up and up cheeks pulled apart ready to split, violent automatons and empty rooms, so similar and yet, not sure if there's a head inside the jigsaw it didn't look like it. The film that tracks you brainwaves and becomes the absolute scariest thing your body can construct at this moment right now.


We're told in high school that the number Pi is infinite, and non-repeating (first million digits are here). This means that logically, somewhere, eventually, the decimal expansion of pi should contain *every possible string of numbers*. For instance, my home phone number appears in the first million digits. Eventually you should be able to find every phone number in the world. Also remember that every image, or song, can be represented by numbers on logically pi, somewhere, eventually, contains every image ever produced, every song ever written...not just that, but every song that ever *will* be written.

Pi is the number used to calculate the curvature of any round object. So every curve you can see contains pi, which contains every film or song which will ever be written in the universe. Somewhere, eventually.

Do you believe this?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

brainbuku #00005

Our glorious laws:

Seditious Intention

The definition of "seditious intention" originally in Section 24A has become (as amended):

An intention to use force or violence to effect any of the following purposes:

(a) to bring the Sovereign into hatred or contempt;

(b) to urge disaffection against the following:

(i) the Constitution;

(ii) the Government of the Commonwealth;

(iii) either House of the Parliament;

(c) to urge another person to attempt, otherwise than by lawful means, to procure a change to any matter established by law in the Commonwealth;

(d) to promote feelings of ill-will or hostility between different groups so as to threaten the peace, order and good government of the Commonwealth.



Where is the line between urging disaffection against the Government and having a legitimate discussion as part of the political process? If someone (not me, obviously!) was to say "The Government is out to get you, and needs to be destroyed.", then that seems like it falls squarely into all of the above categories at once. However if someone said "The Government is out to get you, and needs to be destroyed." in quotes, then they're *referring* to the sentence, rather than *saying it themselves*. Tim said that everybody knows that anarchists believe that the Government is out to get you, and needs to be destroyed. If you refer to the sentence "the Government is out to get you, and needs to be destroyed" repeatedly, is that the same as saying it? The Government is out to get you, and needs to be destroyed. Does the previous senteance cross the line of legality? Obviously it's not the sort of thing i'd *ever* say myself, obviously! I obviously don't believe that *the Government is out to get you, and needs to be destroyed*. And I'm not being sarcastic about that, at all, obviously! Obviously!

uif Hpwfsonfou jt pvu up hfu zpv, boe offet up cf eftuspzfe.

Does the preceding sentence cross the line, or only if you move each letter back one (i.e u=t, i=h, f=e)? In which case, is that your fault or mine? What if i encode "THE GOVERNMENT IS OUT TO GET YOU AND NEEDS TO BE DESTROYED" as 1's and 0's and post it online? What if i encode it in pigments that cause a certain pattern of photons to be reflected from innocuous pieces of paper? Pemerintah mau membunuh kamu, dan harus dihancurkan. Is the previous sentence legal here, but illegal in indonesia? Would it be illegal if more Australians spoke Indonesian, and thus realised that it means "The Government is out to get you, and needs to be destroyed."? HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY THE GOVERNMENT IS OUT TO GET YOU AND NEEDS TO BE DESTROYED BEFORE IT MEANS SOMETHING? Not that i ever *would* say it, obviously! I'm speaking hypothetically!

What if it turned that this whole time the sentence referred to Robert Mugabe's Government?


Let's assume that someone (the courts? the police officers? God?) decides that the above paragraphs are not just a bunch of wanky art-students being facetious, but are actually an example of CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR! Then let's convert each character in the offending paragraph into a number, say, its ASCII code (i.e 'W' = 87, 'h' = 104, 'e' = 101, spacebar = 32 etc). Then let's convert each number into a different shade of grey (somewhere between RGB(0,0,0) and RGB(255,255,255)). Then let's arrange all these shades of grey on a grid of squares, and put it below this paragraph.

If the above paragraph is seditious, is the image below? How do you know the image isn't just totally random grey squares, and that it wasn't *your decoding* which found the seditious paragraph, where there wasn't anything before?


(meanwhile senator conroy still thinks you can censor the internet)