Sunday, February 21, 2010


open valves, the rage comes torrential, fire breath crisping up the zombie persecutors - watch the skin harden and crack and float serenely on the hot air.

i heard reality shifted focus fuckus folk us faux cuss geometry again but the queen has to mean something, doesn't it? Not magic but violence, the sounds from the abyss !i!i!i!i!i!i socrates again it just never stops. Joyce would be so proud! Every letter is an organ, every organ is a force, every force is information. By interacting, two entities show something of themselves - the wavelength of a photon tells you the color of the object it bounced off. If you look hard enough at anything, you can see everything.

I bent my arm through itself a couple of days ago. It was a surprising accident, because i had previous been convinced that such things were impossible. Whoops! It clicked out of space most unexpectedly, although i was a little preoccupied at the time, so tried to ignore it - reasoning that my arm would return to its proper dimensions soon enough. Which happily was the case - i wouldn't much like to lose a limb to hyperspace! I mean, at least a car accident or something could gain you some sympathy from friends and colleagues. "Sorry, i can't come to work today, my arm decided the confines of Spaceship Earth were too constricting, and is now exploring the improbabilities of string theory in N-dimensional space." "Very funny, Jones. See you at 8am sharp." See? That's not a conversation i was looking forward to having.

Overall the experience was not unpleasant - a little like losing a milk tooth. It happened very suddenly, SNAP! I watched slightly tremulously as my former arm snaked its way up to the roof of my living room, like some cross between a stinging nettle and a pretzel, curving back and in, and bending in ways that my visual cortex was frankly unable to cope with. The sensation from my nervous system was a pleasant mix burning and marshmallow. My former arm continued frolicking on the living room ceiling for the better part of an hour, before slowly reattaching itself to my confused shoulder.

It has given me a profound insight into current affairs programs.