Thursday, September 8, 2011

the path of least resistance

i received an ad in the mail today, images of a grinning buffoon drinking wine and laughing at nothing, a rose (of course!), and a pretentious dessert. In bold lettering underneath, the words: LIVE! LOVE! LIFE! LOVE! LIVE! YAYAYAY! LOVE AND LIFE AND YAAAAAAAY!

Don't think! Life is wOnDeRfUl and BLISS, especially if you don't analyze it! Who needs to understand anything, when you can just BE HA HA HAPPY and FLOWERS U SEE and STUFF!!!! Also, now that you've turned your mind off and are LOVING EVERYTHING please please please buy our shit, BECAUSE...LOVE, U SEE!!! THINGS = LOVE = LIFE = GIVE US MONEY PLSKTHX

what sort of simpering, shit-covered dunce, what fucking syphillitic machine-animal, what rage inducing, redneck, wormbrained *moron* could possibly find such an ad inspiring i will never know. It must be a christian thing.

(ad people make the worst dionysus ever)

But it's so easy you see! and this is the first and final trap - the unthinking comfort, the enveloping warmth, staring at the pavement, smiling at the pavement and following your footsteps follow everyone else's. As automatic as electrons following the only path they'll ever know.

"I've been workin this job for 10 years! I mean, the pay's not great, and the boss hates me, and i think my coworkers spike my coffee with nuggets of their shit, but what can you do!" WHAT CAN YOU FUCKING DO "If i didn't have my job, i wouldn't know what to do with myself! I mean, i do the work i'm told to do, buy the things i'm told to buy, go the places i'm told to go! But without the STRUCTURED LIFESTYLE OF A SERF i'd just be bored!"

no wonder so many people need religion - they're so scared of having to make their own decisions that they're willing to believe *anything*. OH GAWD, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DOOO! WHAT DO YOU WANT OF ME, A HURPA DURP! COMMAND ME PUH PUH PUHLEASE!!!!

staring at monitors, counting seconds as a wave of information flows past us, blinkers on, so scared of independence that we turn Ourselves off and jump social hurdles when the whistle calls. I taught my dog to do the same thing.

Fuck this. I will scream and bray and run my face into brick walls until one of us breaks. I will run and run at everyfuckingthing drawing whole universes into my spidery lungs.

"if you stop, you die" - jodie christ

a hymn:



Friday, July 1, 2011

new dropbunny plushies!


one of our newest noisemakers, Blackjack, has created some gloriously creepy dropbunny plushies - a range of rabbits 100% money-back guaranteed to bring their owner erotic nightmares forever. They're really quite exciting! These rabbit dolls are hand stitched and come in three different sizes, and will make a grotesquely cute addition to every cot. You can check them out at the dropbunny shop. We'd like to thank her very heartily for this wonderful contribution to the dropbunny trip.

In other news::::

We go back to the studio mid July to finish off the last 6 tracks of the album, and are hoping for an August release. This waiting is painful but unfortunately can't be helped. The db videogame is going through beta testing at the moment, and should be released within a month - it'll also be included on the new album's CD (for those that get physical copies instead of digital). It'll also be up on for you all to enjoy.

We're still hunting for a new guitarist to replace the ever-talented Refund, as he's looking to focus more on his electronic compositions. His last performance with us will be August 3, at the Espy, so feel free to come along and throw fruit at him. He's made an enormous contribution to our new album, so hopefully you'll see his hand in our future noises, even if you can't admire his lovely beardy face anymore.

the new members will be introduced soon, suffice it to say that db's likely to be an 8 piece before we launch the new album.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Response to Lilly in the media

The following's an open letter in response to the recent reports about our book Lilly.

As you may be aware, the was some discussion in the media yesterday about our book Lilly. I would like to correct some of the gross misinterpretations which were reported, and clarify both the intent and content of the work.

To start with, it was repeatedly stated in some publications that Lilly "encourages students to murder police”. This is absolutely ludicrous and could scarcely be more contradictory to the intention of the book. As should have been clear by the concluding sentence, the moral of the story was to encourage people to “treat people like people” - regardless of profession, or age, or anything else. But more importantly, it was meant to encourage a more nuanced discussion of the role of police in society, without resorting to unhelpful simplifications of the institution being either perfectly good, or perfectly bad.

The story relates three recent, real-world examples of children being subjected to disproportionate use of force by police officers. These examples were taken directly from articles in the mainstream media over the last two years (see links below). The story simply reiterates the content of those articles, albeit in a different format. However, despite this, some reports expressed outrage that such graphic scenes appeared in the book, while pointedly ignoring the actual events which prompted the creation of Lilly in the first place.

These are issues which should prompt a critical discussion of what we expect from our police force, and what behaviours we are prepared to allow. Too often these incidents are relegated to small, back page articles (with Tyler Cassidy being the notable exception), while the main public discourse continues to assume an unbelievable level of infallibility from police officers as a whole. Tellingly, the Police Association spokesperson was quoted saying "These twisted morons can sit around their marijuana-fuelled campfire telling each other their twisted tales” - heavily implying that anyone who chooses to criticize the police is necessarily a criminal. This highly offensive suggestion is unfortunately commonplace in public debate around policing.

One point which never seems to come up is the disparate expectations we have of the level of accountability of police, versus other care-providing institutions in this country. Teachers, as one example, are not only required to look after troubled teens as part of their daily duties, but are held strictly responsible for the welfare of their charges. We would be mortified if a teacher were to taser a violent student – we require them to resolve these situations diplomatically, even at risk to their own welfare. This is as it should be. Nevertheless, we allow police officers to resort to violence to resolve confrontations with minors, while being appalled if any other members of the community were to behave similarly.

Lilly was not written as an excuse to stereotype police officers, but instead to show that the stereotypes we do apply can have significant negative impacts by preventing balanced conversation. Policing is a profession like any other, and as long as we continue to hold the people in that job as beyond reproach, we're going to continue to see abuses of police power against the most vulnerable members of our society.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lilly - the children's book that's too difficult for the media to understand

It's come to our attention that a number of newspapers (here, here and here) have heard about Lilly, and completely (wilfully?) misinterpreted what the children's book is about. Lilly very clearly discourages violence at all, and how anyone could interpret the farcical ending as "encouraging violence against police" is absolutely beyond me. The book shows nothing but real reports taken from mainstream media sources, of police violence against children. Where the protagonist, Lilly, decides to attack a police officer, it's showing how counter-productive it is to allow police officers to commit acts like this with minimum accountability. The police force can only work if they have the trust of the public. Violence promotes more violence. It's really very simple!

Still tracking down the last of the three articles we referenced in the book, however the episode of the girl being tasered because she wanted to stay with here sick friend is related here, and there's a wealth of information online around the horrendous death of Tyler Cassidy

For a look at Lilly, head to our literature page.

studio update#2


We've just finished mixing the 14th track...the end is so close i can hear it wheezing. We're hoping to have the album out in about a month, but these things always take longer than you'd expect. Rest assured it's still progressing well, we're very excited about the results so far, and think this should be a significant step towards...something....

Tracks so far:

Irredeemably Fucked
Can't Do Anything
Some Say He Was A Shithead
The Nightmare From Which You Cannot Awaken
Lost Kid
Exit Sub
This Relentless Momentum
Gimp Man
Pentagonal Plywood Prison
The Architecture Is Wrong
Voices Insert
There's Nothing Here And It Screams

IN Other News::

dropbunny's Multimedia Department would like to announce the upcoming release of D.I.A.F. - the db video game. The game is nearing completion, and will be available on this website, as well as on the upcoming album. It is designed to send you mad. From what I've seen thus far, it looks likely to achieve that goal. More news/screenshots to come.

be lucky!

Friday, March 18, 2011

studio update

so! we're currently just over a week into recording our new album. Here's some info:::::::

there will be 19 tracks


this album picks up from where Hypothesis left off, and goes merrily spinning out of control from there. It's significantly more complex music than we've done previously, which isn't really saying much, but yes. This is very exciting for us.

Below's some snippets of the recording process thus far.

At this stage we're looking to finish recording at the end of April, and the album will also be available for download from this very website after that.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

live videos from performance 21/01/11

@ idgaff. Unfortunately the talented Waterbeast was suffering from an acute case of death that night, so we're pretending to be a three piece. He seems to be getting better, so his monstrous bass playing should be back by the end of next month.

Massive thanks to jodie christ and blackjac for videoing/audioing/lighting the show. Your beer is in the mail!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


blistering breakneck somethingorother vortex of fuck, the holy urethra dragging purgatory to flipping bits. The frankensence emanations snapping pure lines in an arc. no ark velocirapid whirlpool it draws everything upon itself. every quark is an atom is a life is a futon is pan fucking pan. pangaea, the similarities are endless once you dig enough. everything comes back to geometry but maths is a bad trick, woolen lashes come over volcanoes, acnitic eruptions of lust and come and al gore. the theories are always wrong, let me come at this from a worry-wart.

dropped from the plane of existence, every movement to the left catapults me through the sky, when you're still you're almost static, when you move you careen unto oblivion. the dance terrifies me but i'm weighted and weightless, momemtum is a constant around this exponential turnpike. at a high enough volume everything becomes white noise, coded messages in the radiation, universe the size of a small cock.

fall on forever
never let me slow down


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the kraken in the noodle-box

x ----------------------- x


an epiphenomenon. must jot this down. On both sides of the above hyphen line, are x's. I can see they're both x's. The pattern's the same. However...obviously the photons that transmit the two x's to my eyes are vastly different. They go through tangled, unpredictable trajectories containing a god-number of other subatomic particles to get to my eyes. If i could map all of the physical interactions that take place for the photons to hit my eyeballs, where would the "x" be? How on Thor's name could i possibly say the two groups of interactions were remotely similar, let alone classify both of them as x's?

{scoffs a mouthful of noodles}

My computer's memory contains, in two locations, a string of numbers that essentially mean "draw an x on the screen". Those numbers might be the same, but they're in different locations in the memory, composed of a plethora of different electrons passing through different circuits. Those circuits are made of molecules which are contantly interacting with more god-numbers of other subatomic particles constantly. Again, if i could theoretically map all of the interactions that take place on a subatomic (or even atomic!) level that "made up" those two numbers, in two locations, in this computer's memory, they'd be almost perfectly different. Yet it's still, obviously, two x's.

{mmm delicious noodles, chunk of chicken, mmmm}

Evidently, those underlying layers are essentially irrelevant for me to understand the "x-ieness" of something. Those x's are made of gadzillions of physical interactions, but those interactions make no difference to the fact that i see two x's. The x's are practically irrelevant to the make-up of their constituent, subatomic parts.

Consciousness is similar - like "x-ieness", it's an emergent property of hell-tons of subatomic interactions. A thought is a thought, regardless of the molecular composition of the neurons that make it up. Probably even regardless of which neurons make it up.

{look up with a start...did that noodle box jiggle? No, of course not...keep typing}

But...hmm....i've already proven (at least, to my own satisfaction!) that it's impossible for there to be a fundamental particle in the universe. A hypothetical microscope could peer through layers forever - past atoms, quarks, possibly strings - and never come to an end of smaller particles. I wonder what patterns, like "x-ieness" or consciousness, would crop up at different levels, depending on where you look at something? If lower layers are irrelevant to the higher levels they make up...


at this point i lean over my noodle-box, prepararing to shovel another flavoursome morsel of food into my face. The noodles look practically identical to me...but each one is fundamentally unique, so comprehensively original that the idea of "noodle-ness" becomes irrelevant before the infinity of increasingly vast subsubsubatomic differences. My stomach churns, i feel nauseous as i stir my chopsticks through the viscous muck. There are certainly more unique configurations of particles in each noodle than there are people on earth. More than stars in a galaxy, more "individualities" than i could begin to comprehend. My mind crumples. Sweating, stirring, like some horrific god - would a country, or a planet, notice the differences between humans? How is a human unlike an protein?

I feel bile rise up my throat. I almost, unthinkingly, devoured a universe. The noodles squirm in the box before me. Noodles larger than gods, satay-flavoured multiverses, cavorting and flailing, creating incomprehensible heiroglyphics and i'm getting smaller and smaller before this alpha and omega of cheap japanese food.

Like tendrils, the noodles encompass my very body, i am absorbed by them - surrounded. I try to summon help from a colleague at a neighbouring desk, but the floury tentacles are tight around my chest and i cannot breathe. I writhe around, trying to skewer this great beast with my now-ineffectual chopsticks. My limbs are pulled back as the monstrosity continues to emerge from its oily, paper prison. With my utmost might i manage to croak out a half-muffled cry - my colleagues look across the cubicles, shake their heads, and turn blankly back to their pcs. Useless fucking accountants! Chest compressed by this titan's grip, i can feel my ligaments strained to snapping point. The chopsticks fall the floor. I am powerless. It is like cthulu risen, the vengeful FSM of fast-food. I hear a dull crack and my brain swims, the realisation that my elbows aren't supposed to bend that way, the word "run! run!" flashing before my fading vision, as helpful as an air-raid siren after the bombs have hit, and i am helpless. Like the heroine of some squid-based hentai, i succumb. Lungs burn, thoughts fragment, colleagues mutter, i know naught but red and agony as i disappear from consciousness.

This is why you shouldn't read science books on lunch-break.

Based on a true story (incredibly!)


upcoming album - why we've been so quiet


ok, we've been quite quiet lately, show & blogwise. Have we lost our fury?!?! Did we resign ourselves to office-worker normalcy?!?!?! Is contagious soup-kitchen feigning fellatio sludge?!?!?!?

Answers: yes; no; sometimes.

Anyway, enough pompous shite! You will be utterly disinterested to hear that we've spent the last couple of months in a furious frenzy of song-writing and mental masturbation, in order to create the next installment of the dropbunny saga. Details are still mostly being kept under wraps at this stage, suffice it to say we're heading into the studio in March, and the album is a 19 track monstrosity that picks up from where Hypothesis left off.

I'm incredibly excited about this. It will be a lot more...constrasty? than Hypothesis - more abrasive, more technical, more groovy, darker, brighter, dancier, more austere. This album will mark the first determined steps towards a lunacy hinted at towards the end of the last album. Sorry to prattle like a prat about this, as mentioned, i'm incredibly excited @_@

ALSO IN THE WORKS: db are also releasing our first book, which should be released within the month. More on that to follow.

be good!