Monday, May 16, 2011

studio update#2


We've just finished mixing the 14th track...the end is so close i can hear it wheezing. We're hoping to have the album out in about a month, but these things always take longer than you'd expect. Rest assured it's still progressing well, we're very excited about the results so far, and think this should be a significant step towards...something....

Tracks so far:

Irredeemably Fucked
Can't Do Anything
Some Say He Was A Shithead
The Nightmare From Which You Cannot Awaken
Lost Kid
Exit Sub
This Relentless Momentum
Gimp Man
Pentagonal Plywood Prison
The Architecture Is Wrong
Voices Insert
There's Nothing Here And It Screams

IN Other News::

dropbunny's Multimedia Department would like to announce the upcoming release of D.I.A.F. - the db video game. The game is nearing completion, and will be available on this website, as well as on the upcoming album. It is designed to send you mad. From what I've seen thus far, it looks likely to achieve that goal. More news/screenshots to come.

be lucky!

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