Friday, July 1, 2011

new dropbunny plushies!


one of our newest noisemakers, Blackjack, has created some gloriously creepy dropbunny plushies - a range of rabbits 100% money-back guaranteed to bring their owner erotic nightmares forever. They're really quite exciting! These rabbit dolls are hand stitched and come in three different sizes, and will make a grotesquely cute addition to every cot. You can check them out at the dropbunny shop. We'd like to thank her very heartily for this wonderful contribution to the dropbunny trip.

In other news::::

We go back to the studio mid July to finish off the last 6 tracks of the album, and are hoping for an August release. This waiting is painful but unfortunately can't be helped. The db videogame is going through beta testing at the moment, and should be released within a month - it'll also be included on the new album's CD (for those that get physical copies instead of digital). It'll also be up on for you all to enjoy.

We're still hunting for a new guitarist to replace the ever-talented Refund, as he's looking to focus more on his electronic compositions. His last performance with us will be August 3, at the Espy, so feel free to come along and throw fruit at him. He's made an enormous contribution to our new album, so hopefully you'll see his hand in our future noises, even if you can't admire his lovely beardy face anymore.

the new members will be introduced soon, suffice it to say that db's likely to be an 8 piece before we launch the new album.


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